Sharifa’s painting style is a mixture of both abstract expressionism and metallic art. This effect is empowered by the use of metallic sheets or gold leaf and acrylic paint. In addition to her signature use of the Seamless Grid Pattern, Mesh Square Pattern or Geometric Grid, she also applies heavy and thick texture to her paintings which creates a 3D effect. The texture is created using texture pastes and some natural sand, beach stones and mix media materials.

Most of her paintings are focused on composition and improvisation and on the spiritual aspects of life. It is a portrayal of the spiritual affiliation of the people and nature as a whole. She feels that each colour has a different and mystifying existence unique to itself.

She aims to make paintings that give the public intrinsic view of the world. Her paintings give the public a chance to see the abstract things in life as separate and distinct from the ordinary things.  Sharifa is focused on using all her senses and soul when painting. Her aim is not to create pictures or decorations, but to stir up some emotions in the public.

Her aim is to involve the viewer while painting. She creates a scenario that capture’s the viewer’s attention.

Sharifa experiments on how to engage herself fully in her work of painting. She is involved in the whole process, feeling the texture of the painting, understanding the tools used and appreciating the work.

Sharifa uses colour order to represent her inner feelings and thoughts, and at the same time passing vital messages to the public. Her paintings reflect her own experiences and are in touch with her inner being. Sharifa wants her art to be seen as a way of thinking, something that could be used to pass information, or a communication tool.